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Dengue Fever
Dengue is back in the news today 28th May 2013with 2 confirmed cases in Madeira, imported from Angola.
Since the outbreak of dengue on the island from 3rd October 2012, there have been 2182 probable cases of dengue, reported from hospital and primary care records. There have been 12 possible cases of dengue since the last update on the 7th April 2013, all subject to lab tests with the 2 cases from Angola showing positive.
There is on going control of the mosquito on the island with many places being sprayed with sea water which kills the lava. There is no vaccine for dengue which is widespread in most tropical and subtropical places around the globe, and the main prevention is to try to stay covered up and wear repellents, especially at dawn and dusk when the mosquito is most active.
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Sa Supermarkets
The Works of Sa are getting tired with the waiting to see what is going to happen after the judicial court of Funchal gave the green light yesterday for the revitalisation of the company after the sale of its 9 largest stores.
It is looking like the smaller stores will reopen as Sa supermarkets, but many staff over 700 are getting fed up with waiting, and many have not been paid for 10 months. A deadline of the 11th June has been given to try and secure all these workers jobs, and I hope get their wages paid.
Diario Noticias
The Diario Noticias has announced a possible job loss of 28 people, today the workers of the company have appealed against the decision saying its “avoidable” and “unfair”.
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