Several ambulances stranded at the hospital

Several ambulances are again held up in line at Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonca.

It is known that there is an ambulance from the Sapadores Firefighters of Santa Cruz waiting for at least three hours with the patient inside, and an ambulance from the Câmara de Lobos Volunteer Firefighters for about 1 hour due to the need for patients to undergo an antigen test. for SARS-coV-2 screening on arrival.

A situation that has happened with some frequency, which has motivated some complaints.

From Diário Notícias

There seems to be a sharp rise in covid cases on the island this last week. We don’t get any figures anymore, and the DGS who were giving numbers daily for Portugal and including Madeira, have also started only giving numbers each Friday.

From me personally, I know far more with the virus now on the island than I have ever in the past, and  other people seem to be saying the same.