Portway workers began a strike at Porto airport today at 4 pm, a situation that, according to Lusa, will lead to the cancellation of 20 flights.

The situation is already affecting Madeira. The strike led to the cancellation of the easyJet EC 7585 flight, which departed from Porto and was scheduled to arrive in Madeira at 7:50 pm on Sunday.

Speaking to Lusa, Fernando Simões, from SINTAC, said that Portway’s handling workers at Porto have been on strike since 4 pm today, similar to what happened between 27 and 29 December. past.

“The workers decided, in an unexpected act, and with great surprise for us, to close operations from 4 pm, so the 20 flights scheduled for today are cancelled,” said Fernando Simões, adding that the Porto Airport is “fully packed with passengers wanting to know more information”.

According to the unionist, about 3,800 passengers will be affected.

Portway workers are on strike mainly because of the lack of career advancement and the company’s failure to reach agreement at its meeting with the unions last week at the Ministry of Labor.

Taken from Jornal Madeira

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