Albuquerque visited snail farm and promises to reinforce program

It was with a watchful eye from Rui Barreto and Humberto Vasconcelos, regional secretary for Economy and Agriculture that the President of the Regional Government said this afternoon that “strengthening the export program is an essential objective” so that the volume of business can suffer an increment.

The government’s words came shortly after a long visit to the snail farm in the parish of Arco da Calheta, whose commercialization is fully guaranteed for the foreign market.

Miguel Albuquerque took the opportunity to underline that “this is proof that, as long as the product is good, we can put it everywhere,” he said, recognizing that there are some steps to be taken.

The investment consists of installing greenhouses (10,000 square meters) and production equipment, including a warehouse for preparation and packaging.

It is also planned to create several fixed jobs, which may increase depending on the seasons of the production cycle.

I cringe watching this video and not because of the snails.

From DN