Carnival Camara de Lobos

Tonight its Carnival in Camara de Lobos, The parade starts at 9pm and is another very popular carnival to attend.

Also, tomorrow is the “Trapalhão” Parade (slapstick parade), held on Shrove Tuesday, represents the spontaneous parade that originally occurred on Rua da Carreira. Participation is open to all, both national and foreign citizens, either independently or as a group. The participants’ creativity knows no boundaries and spans from social and political satire to traditional themes or simple character disguise. Whether you watch or participate in this parade, you will undoubtedly be able to share moments of good humour and interact with the public.

This starts at 4 pm along the front of Funchal, the same route as the Carnival Parade took Saturday night. To be honest it’s not as good or well attended as previous years as so many other cities and villages around the island are doing their own parades and shows. If you are in Funchal, take a seat they cost only 5.00 euros and enjoy.

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