POCIF can be rethought and adapted to take effect throughout the year

We are aware that the corporations that are involved [in fighting the flames], the professionals and the operational ones, who have been working on this fire since Monday, give us the maximum guarantee. The certainty was shared by Pedro Ramos, who is in Ponta do Pargo, where a fire has raged since Monday. The regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection spoke of the possibility of extending the Operational Plan for Combating Forest Fires throughout the year.

The official stated that the corporations are prepared with training and equipment to face situations like this. Pedro Ramos recalled that six fire brigades are committed to fighting the flames, with the rest ensuring pre-hospital assistance.

Pedro Ramos stated that “the country must have some financial responsibility in the means that Madeira needs to use to face and protect its population”. “We have a unique program in the country that has responded well in terms of signaling, detection and the possibility of attack by fires,” said the minister, referring to the POCIF (Operational Plan for Combating Forest Fires).

The secretary in charge of Civil Protection said that the country has to rethink the way it articulates with the regional Civil Protection. Madeira already plans to extend the POCIF for a longer period of time, with the possibility of having a helicopter all year round, also with the rescue side.

Basically, it is a question of the possibility of extending the POCIF, adapting it for the whole year.

From Diário Notícias

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