Sahara dust should arrive in Madeira by tomorrow

The warm weather that has been observed in the Madeira Archipelago will continue at least until tomorrow, but probably with a cloud of dust in the mix.

According to Victor Prior, the dust storm coming from the Sahara desert, which has already closed at least three airports in the Canary Islands, should also reach the island of Madeira at the end of today but essentially this Monday, which will probably motivate a meteorological warning by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

“The wind is from the East. There is a lot of dust that is moving from the African continent to Madeira. In principle, tomorrow will be the day with the highest concentration of this dust and probably also on Tuesday, ”explained the director of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal.

The meteorologist said that a visibility of 5 km is expected but believes that this dust will not affect the operations at Madeira International Airport.

“It probably will not affect air operations, but the 5 km is the limit and it is a situation to be monitored”, he added.

As has been reported, the Canary Islands have been hit by this sandstorm since Friday, which has led to the closure of operations at some airports and the cancellation of several public activities planned for Carnival.