Flights leaving in the next few days

Given the State of Emergency in which we live, it is important to help spread all the information that helps the immediate departure of all tourists who are still in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

In this sense, we have updated the information on flights departing from Madeira over the next few days, confirming the departure from Funchal – Helsinki by Finnair for tomorrow, the 27th and a new Easyjet flight on the 29th.

27 de Março (Sexta-feira)

Finnair -Funchal > Helsinki

28 de Março (Sábado)

Lufthansa – Funchal > Frankfurt

TAP Portugal – Funchal > Lisboa

29 de Março (Domingo)

Easyjet -Funchal > London Gatwick ( venda no site e app a partir de 27/03)

31 de Março (Terça-Feira)

TAP Portugal – Funchal > Lisboa

Photo from my balcony this evening.

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