Guaranteed supply of the Region with ships to be unloaded at the Port of Caniçal

The ship ‘Pengalia’, with 360 containers, arrived this morning at Porto do Caniçal and immediately started unloading. This is the first of three container ships that are expected to arrive between today and Monday, ensuring normal supply to the Region.

The ship came from Lisbon and leaves tomorrow, in the late afternoon. On Sunday and at the beginning of next week, two more should arrive, ‘Maria Laura’, from Sines and ‘Yasemin’.

In the presentation of the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the President of the Regional Government said that the supply of the Region was guaranteed, even with the strike of the dockers in the Port of Lisbon. The arrival of ‘Pengalia’ confirms what was said by Albuquerque who appealed to Madeirans to avoid a rush to supermarkets since there will be no shortage of products.

From DN