Madeira Active Website

The new Madeira Active website is now live!!! Please do take a look at it. If anyone wants to sign up and become a premium member you can now join through the site – there are loads of benefits and more will be added along the way. Please visit

It’s been a long process building this website and finally, we are ready to launch! There are many people who have wanted to stay connected to Madeira Active but don’t use FaceBook. The new website enables a more organised layout with more features than Facebook. Anyone can sign up and become a premium member (this small charge covers admin and website costs) but offers members a lot more information, early booking to the dinners at preferable rates, a dedicated Forum, Buddy Club Xtra, and lots more. In addition, I would also like to add that the information gathered at the Workshop on UK Citizens Rights (Transition Period) that I attended in Lisbon on Tuesday, is already up on the website.

Samantha Cox

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