Madeira has 1 more positive case of coronavirus infection

Madeira has 1 more positive case of infection with the new coronavirus. Altogether, we have eight confirmed cases, two of which are male and six female patients, all of them in the hospital dedicated to Covid-19.

It’s believed the 8th person is a health professional in the hospital.

The statement was made a few moments ago by the vice president of the Institute of Health Administration, Bruna Gouveia, at a press conference to update information on the spread of coronavirus in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The regional secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, left a special thanks to all public and private entities that have collaborated with the regional government.

Yesterday, official information from the health authorities reported 7 positive cases, with an epidemiological link to 4 areas with local transmission of this disease, namely the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), the United Kingdom and the Lisbon and Vale region. of the Tagus. Regions that remain today.

There is still a case pending confirmation. Confirmation that, from now on, can be done autonomously by the Laboratory of the Regional Health Service of Madeira.

Pedro Ramos again appealed to the general population to stay at home, in line with the rules in force.

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