Some time in Funchal, with photos

Hi all,

I got out a bit today, Nelio had an appointment in Funchal. As we came through the Pestana junior tunnel off junction 12, police were in the tunnels stopping everyone and asking why we were going into Funchal.

Once in town Nelio went to his appointment and I had a walk around for a bit of exercise, as I have done nothing but blog, eat, and slump, on the sofa.

Everywhere was so quiet, I had a quick wander round, police again asked why I was in Funchal, but were OK with it. Took some photos which are below, that show just how quiet it is everywhere.

I then thought I would do some shopping, the experience was good, queued for about 15 mins to get in-store, and once in managed to get all I needed, very well stocked, although there was hardly any fresh meat, but I can get that from Madeira cash.

It’s getting pretty boring at home, I hope you are all well and staying safe, now the UK has gone into lockdown, so there are lots of us at home now and the boredom will get worse.

I plan to put some fun things on the blog starting tomorrow, so keep a lookout for that.

Enjoy my photos of today in Funchal.