This story really is sickening, and I don’t know how they can do this to the people and why the Government do nothing.

The commercial company Vilarlombo decided to close the Hotel Jardins d ‘Ajuda on the 27th. At least four owners remain in the building. One of them, José Luís Rodrigues, needs a device to assist breathing that runs on electricity.

“We are going hungry”, says the man, in despair, in a drama portrayed today by JM in its printed edition.

The Portuguese descendants, other owners and their respective lawyer note the lack of habitable conditions in Jardins d´Ajuda.

José António Silva, a lawyer, represents nine apartment owners at Jardins d ‘Ajuda and explains that the owners stopped paying dues because “general meetings were never held, budgets were never approved or account reports were presented”,

“Precautionary procedures will be instituted, complaints made – a crime because I understand that there is clearly a crime of disobedience to the decreed through the State of Emergency, with regard to the ban on eviction,” he says.

On the table, there are also civil actions to request the condemnation of the Sociedade Comercial Vilarlombo and the payment of compensation to the owners and tenants affected by the closure of the Hotel Jardins d ‘Ajuda.

On this matter, the JM tried to hear, on multiple occasions, last Friday, the Society in question, which did not respond to successive requests for contradictory, remaining, yesterday, unreachable throughout the day.