Carlos Jardim launches a challenge to PS-Madeira to hold a conference on the challenges ahead for Madeira in the near future.

“The moment we are going through is completely different from what we have experienced so far. It is essential to discuss how we are going to live through these difficulties and to start preparing the way out of this pandemic. How should we resume activity, how will we socialize, what rules should be imposed in our society. But it is also necessary to discuss the economic measures to be taken to regain our competitiveness and our financial capacity. “

For this conference, Carlos Jardim argues that the candidates for the leadership of PS-Madeira, the Parliamentary Group of the PS, the deputies to the Assembly of the Republic and the European Parliament and the heads of lists of the last regional elections in each Municipality, as well as the representatives of the Organs of the Party – president of the department of Socialist Women and president of Socialist Youth.

Considering the limitations we experience in terms of travel and meeting, this would be in videoconference, with participations made at a distance, with space for questions and participation by all.
“It is essential that the PS put itself at the center of the discussion of our collective future and give a voice to all who believe in our project”, stresses Carlos Jardim.

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