Porto Moniz registers first suspected case of covid-19

All counties in the Region have already registered suspected cases of covid-19, according to Tuesday’s epidemiological situation report, published by the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection. Until Monday, Porto Moniz was the only municipality in Madeira still without any suspicious case, now having one.

Find out the total number of suspected cases registered, in each municipality, since 29 February:

Funchal (324), Câmara de Lobos (161), Ribeira Brava (24), Ponta do Sol (38), Calheta (20), Porto Moniz (1), São Vicente (11), Santana (15), Machico (35) ), Santa Cruz (80) and Porto Santo (39).

It is recalled that Madeira did not register, this Tuesday, any positive case of covid-19. At the moment, there are 67 suspected cases that still await laboratory results.

The total number of suspected cases in the Region, since 29 February, is 757, including nine non-residents.

The total number of confirmed positive cases is 85, the first of which is on 16 March. 13 of these are already recovered.

From Diário Notícias