Tonight there is a ‘pink’ super moon. The phenomenon occurs every year, but this time, with the reduction of air pollution due to the isolation of the population, astronomers guarantee that its light will be 30% brighter and appear 14% larger. In Funchal, the best time will be at 20:03 hours.

According to the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory, this ‘super moon’ “is caused by the simultaneous occurrence of the full moon phase and the presence of the moon at the perigee (the orbit point of the moon, when it is closest to Earth). the full moon phase will take place on April 8 at 3:35 am and the moment of the moon’s presence in the perigee occurred on the day before April 7 at 6:08 pm, where the moon will be at a distance of approximately 356. 906,557 km from Earth “.

The best time to observe it will be at the moment of the moon’s birth, in that it appears on the horizon, that is, on April 7 in Lisbon at 7:32 pm, Porto at 7:30 pm, Coimbra at 7:29 pm, Funchal at 8:03 pm and Ponta Delgada at 7:41 pm “.

It also informs that the moon will rise in the northeast quadrant, in the azimuth 89º (counted from South to East).

Let’s hope the cloud over the island clears a little.

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