Galo Hotels in Madeira scheduled to reopen in two months

The three Galo Hotels in Madeira – Galosol, Alpino Atlântico and Galomar respectively – are expected to reopen to the public within two months, the group’s communication revealed to DIÁRIO.

The hotels, now owned by DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts, prepare for reopening in accordance with a hygiene concept developed by DTHR, based on recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and recognized hygiene companies.

In addition to improved disinfection plans, the concept also recommends adjustments in terms of space and circulation in the common areas of hotels. For example, the distances between the living areas should be extended and, when necessary, the receptions will be equipped with protective barriers made of acrylic. Also in catering areas, instead of buffets, alternative forms of restoration are recommended.

In addition, Galo Hotels also submitted their registration to the Clean & Safe program promoted by Turismo de Portugal.

“The purpose of these two measures is to regain the trust of our guests and customers, guaranteeing security measures against the covid-19, which allow the hotels to reopen quickly, but in total security”, the group said in a statement.

It should also be noted that, in a first phase, new products will be presented to the public in the form of vouchers, with appealing conditions in terms of price and validity, which are already on sale through the reservations department, official website and local agencies.

From Diário Notícias

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