With a privileged location on the golden sandy beach of Calheta, LooKall opens on May 22nd.

This which presents itself as “the place to be during the summer” resumes its activity this Friday.

“With the opening of access to Calheta beach, LooKall is the first restaurant space at the Calheta Beach hotel, in the Savoy Signature collection, to open to the public. It will be open every day, from 12:00 to 19:00, with a guarantee that all safety and hygiene standards will be strictly followed and under the watchful eye of the director of the Calheta Beach hotel, Ricardo Augusto “, says a statement sent to the newsroom.

“We have reinforced all measures and procedures so that we can continue to welcome our customers with open arms”, says the hotel’s director.

Despite the reduction in space capacity by 50%, the barinforma that offers a wide terrace that allows for an easy reorganization of the tables keeping the distance of 2 meters. “Comfort is thus guaranteed for afternoons well spent outdoors, by the sea, with a menu of light meals and refreshing drinks, well suited to the environment”, he adds. regional market and ensures “all conditions for those who, on a trip to the beach or a stroll around the west side of the island, intend to enjoy good times, with guaranteed quality of service and security.”

Contingency plan strengthens confidence

The space Contingency Plan ensures that all people, employees and customers, are aware of compliance with the rules, correct hand washing, respiratory mask, as well as other personal and environmental hygiene measures.

Staff training is continuous and compliance with safety recommendations is imperative with measures that include the use of personal protective equipment, hygiene and ventilation of spaces, reinforcement of food care throughout the preparation and co-infection process, among many others.

In case of suspected infection by Covid-19, LooKall has prepared an area of ​​isolation and information about the proper procedures to be adopted, which start, immediately, with immediate contact with the hotel director who will continue the necessary actions with the authorities.

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