Madeira – The First Place You Should Visit After Quarantine

This article is not about the situation on which almost too much has already been written. Since it is transversal to everyone, we prefer to focus on “tomorrow” and on the future.

Invariably, many people think and aspire so much for the weeks and months to come, namely those who want more than anything to enjoy quality time, fresh air and a certain resemblance to the normality that we have known until now.

When it comes to tourist destinations, Madeira is one of a limited range of places considered excellent worldwide.

Indeed, it offers a quality tourist offer, with high-quality hotels and accommodation. FindFinding extremely competitive prices that attract thousands of visitors, admiring its incredible natural beauty, inviting climate and welcoming people, there are many reasons to make it your next destination.

Pearl of the Atlantic

Many publications have already focused on Madeira as a destination of excellence, but as in all destinations, visitors only realize its true value when they experience it.

Madeira island offers a unique variety of landscapes with an undeniable natural beauty which, even today, can give you more than enough space to keep dreaming.

From small beaches where you can spend some time enjoying the Atlantic, walks along the “levadas” that cross areas immersed in nature until reaching peaks and viewpoints located hundreds of meters above sea level.

With a high-quality accommodation offer, you can opt for a vacation rental in an idyllic location or choose from a variety of hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts and more to enjoy your visit even more.

The People

The people of Madeira are among the most welcoming in the world and are a major factor in the success of tourism on the island.

Used to living with tourists from all over the world, it is common to find people who speak English, French, Spanish and even German.

In fact, the beauty and peace of Madeira attracted nationals from the coldest countries in Europe who found here an idyllic place to purchase a holiday residence or even to live full time.

Its cuisine reflects a relatively warm climate throughout the year and makes use of many of its greatest strengths in terms of ingredients. The “Espetada“, made with beef cubes in a laurel skewer, the “Bolo do Caco”, the cane sugar present in the sweets and some typical liquors or drinks such as “Poncha” make the delight of any visitor.

The Places

Discovering Madeira island means discovering at each stop a unique place that will surprise us positively.

From Câmara de Lobos to Curral das Freiras, each of these points is distinguished by its unparalleled beauty and its countless reasons to go there.

In fact, you will find on Madeira island all the reasons to put it at the top of your list of preferences, as soon as it is possible for everyone to travel again.

Now, more than ever, you will find an extremely grateful and happy population that has opted for this real pearl over any other place in the world.

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