Putin is “a mad and rabid paranoid”

Sveta Azernikova, Russian citizen residing in Madeira expresses hatred for President Putin.

Although it was no surprise that she received the news of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, still Sveta Azernikova, a Russian citizen residing in Madeira, received in shock the confirmation that the war had broken out. She does not therefore hide the shame she feels for her country nor the hatred she ‘nurts’ for President Putin.

“Surprised, no, but with horror, in shock, with shame for my country and my people, and with hatred for President Putin”, he expressed this afternoon to the DIÁRIO. Also “in pain and fear for my friends and family in Ukraine”, said the Russian citizen, who is also the president of ART.M (Madeira Cultural and Artistic Association).

About what might happen, she doesn’t know. “I am not an analyst”, but confesses that “until recently I was optimistic and believed in justice”. Values ​​that are now called into question by “stupid power and the propaganda of fear and hate” in the face of what he considers to be Putin’s desire “to remain in history as a tough politician. For Putin, life is worthless. He killed, killed Russians, now he’s killing Ukrainians. There is no law for him”, she laments.

She fears, therefore, for the consequences that this war may have. “What can a mad, rabid paranoid do? He is not ready to stop”, concludes the angry Sveta Azernikova. As a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, she placed the country’s flag in her profile picture on her personal page on the social network Facebook and posted ‘Russia shame’ on a red background.

From Diário Notícias