Madeira is an Excellent Destination to Avoid Hay Fever

Thanks to Steve Basnett for this great article.
Madeira is an excellent destination for people seeking to avoid seasonal allergies to grass and tree pollen. People in the UK and in many countries around Europe could avoid the worst peak times of their suffering by travelling to Madeira for an extended period, or even just a week or two.
This finding comes from information published by the University of Worcester in the UK. The University supplies pollen count data and forecasts used by the Met Office and other weather websites. For those who suffer from grass or tree pollen allergy symptoms, it is worth visiting the dedicated University web page which provides more detailed information:
For UK residents, regional calendars of peak annual forecasts and time period ranges have been produced covering many different types of tree, grass, and other plant life pollen:
Whichever country you live in, Madeira is a very good place to escape to, to avoid the worst symptoms of grass and tree pollen allergies. For low grass pollen, July and August are particularly good, and throughout the months of June, July and August, Madeira has low levels of tree pollen counts.
There are no suitable locations in Europe to avoid tree pollen during May, and it should be noted that this data merely indicates low levels, as it is impossible to completely avoid pollen.

Hay fever affects about 13 million people in the UK. Some estimates are as high as up to as many as 40% in the European population, and approximately 400 million people worldwide.

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