Mountainous regions and southern coast of Madeira could expect heavy rain, and orange warning

Influenced by a vast almost stationary depression, centered on the north or northwest of Madeira (between the Archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores), the weather in the Region will worsen in the coming hours with the approach and passage of the frontal surface. Rain and wind dominates the weather forecast for Tuesday until noon, with potential impact on the south coast and mountain regions of Madeira. The evolution of the forecast / situation could even raise the warning for precipitation from yellow to orange, and also be issued ‘alert’ to strong wind.

The regional delegate of the IPMA in Madeira, Victor Prior, not only confirms that between the end of today and the end of tomorrow morning, “it is expected periods of rain or showers, associated with the approach and passing of frontal surfaces” as he admits that “the precipitation values ​​for the south coast of Madeira and for mountainous regions should be within the orange warning”.

In addition to the rain, the meteorologist calls attention to the increase in the southwest wind that “will be moderate (10 to 30 km / h) or temporarily strong (35 to 50 km / h), particularly in the highlands, where the gusts may reach values ​​in the order of 80 km / h ”, during the next dawn and morning.

From Diário Notícias