Porto Santo had a golden week and Idalino thanks the Madeirans

Idalino Vasconcelos, Mayor of Porto Santo, was pleased with the large influx of Madeirans to the golden island during the past week.

The mayor told DIÁRIO that “it was without a doubt a week in full”. “I walked around the island and I could see that there were many people, in bars and restaurants, in cafes, and everyone enjoyed a good short vacation,” he said. For the president it was very “important for our economy”.

But not all people left this Sunday back to Funchal. There are still some tourists left, as it is already June. This means that some people have already started taking their holidays, especially those who have houses in Porto Santo.

Idalino Vasconcelos told DIARIO that Porto Santo “continues with open arms to welcome all tourists who want to visit us, and our land has shown itself throughout this pandemic time that it is a safe and clean destination”.

The golden island in this last week received 3 thousand more people. As a general rule, Porto-Santenses and Madeirans knew how to behave with hygiene and protection rules, using masks and washing their hands with appropriate products.

Idalino Vasconcelos said on this subject that “it was really remarkable people’s civility, to use the rules requested for public health issues, and we really noticed a concern on the part of people to protect themselves and to protect others”. Due to a much greater movement in the golden island, in this last week, there was also a greater demand for the health center, with the urgencies being more accentuated. However, all health professionals, now in greater numbers, were always responding well, and always on standby.

Last Saturday there was a meeting with Secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, IASAÚDE, SESARAM and the whole team of the health center and also of civil protection, to finalize what remains to be done to prepare the summer in the best way. It is good not to forget that national and international flights will start again in early July and this will bring more tourists and the airport control rules will be much stricter because of Covid-19.

From Diário Notícias

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