Porto Moniz Pools Offers Free Entry in September

The Porto Moniz City Council provides, under the ‘Porto Moniz Revitaliza + Voucher Card’ program, free admission to the Natural Pools throughout the month of September.

In a note sent to the press, the municipality explains that the ‘Porto Moniz Revitalizes + Voucher Card’ is another initiative of the municipality with the aim of boosting the local economy in order to minimize the impacts caused by the pandemic in the tourism sector in the municipality of Porto Moniz .

During the month of September, all visitors who consume or stay at commercial establishments in the municipality of Porto Moniz are entitled to receive a free entrance voucher at the Natural Pools.

The regulation of the ‘Porto Moniz Revitaliza + Voucher Card’ establishes that for every 15 euros of consumption in commercial establishments in the restaurant business, a voucher is assigned, that is, if a family consumes, for example, 45 euros in a restaurant in the municipality, they receive three free entry vouchers at the Natural Pools.

In turn, when staying at accommodation establishments in the municipality, including local accommodation units, a voucher is also given, per person, regardless of the amount paid.

According to the Mayor, Emanuel Câmara, “the dynamism of the North’s economy in the Region cannot wait for the North to enter into fashion without anything being done to make it happen”, and stressed that “this is another measure concrete support to the business fabric of the municipality of Porto Moniz, in addition to so many others that have already been implemented by the municipality in response to the economic and social effects resulting from the Covid-19 disease pandemic “.

Vouchers will be made available to visitors at the reception desk at Espaço Multiusos do Porto Moniz, every day, from 10 am to 6 pm, upon presentation of the respective invoices proving consumption / stay, which will then be converted into vouchers.

The regulation is also available for consultation at www.portomoniz.pt .

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