Covid-19 4 New Cases, 6 more recovered

Today’s balance sheet – Wednesday – September 2 – regarding covid19 in the autonomous region of Madeira.

> ** 6 new recovered **

> 4 new cases of covid-19 in RAM. These are 3 imported cases and 1 case of local transmission associated with the transmission chain identified in Porto Santo

> Madeira, the only region in the country with 0 deceased for covid19.

> With regard to Porto Santo, the epidemiological investigation made it possible to identify a total of 23 contacts in the municipality of Porto Santo, of which four cases were confirmed. Contacts remain in isolation.

> The region now accounts for a cumulative total of 166 confirmed cases, with 42 active cases and 124 recovered.

> Since yesterday, there have been reports of 4 situations of travelers who are being studied by health authorities. Laboratory tests and an epidemiological investigation are ongoing.

> There are 42 active cases, of which 30 are imported cases identified in the context of surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport and 12 are cases of local transmission.

Daniel Caires – 19h16
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