Boaventura organizes Soup Fair

The Soup Fair already has a date for its realization. The gastronomic program that usually takes place in Boaventura starts on June 18 (Saturday) and runs until Sunday.

“This year, contrary to what had been happening, we chose to bring forward the opening time of the event so that merchants can guarantee the sale of meals during the lunch period”, explains the president of the local Casa do Povo, who is once again organizing the event that It is considered by itself the biggest event in the parish.

“I don’t think there will be much doubt when it is said that it is no longer a local party to be a regional reference where hundreds of people mark a visit here on their agenda”, he considers, noting that, in the gastronomic plan, some news is planned. .

“All soups must, this is a mandatory condition, be made with firewood and each of the stalls must have at least one soup different from all the others. That is, we will have at least 12 different soups to offer, but they can present more if there is a desire on the part of the traders”, he said.

From Diário Notícias