Madeiran businessman Pedro Mendes Gomes this afternoon launched, on social media, an alert for an alleged discharge of land (or other material) into the sea, in the Garajau area.

The well-known businessman, connected to the sea, confirmed to JM that the vessel was at least one hour in the same place making discharges.

The owner of the company ‘Rota dos Cetáceos’ told the newspaper that he did not file a complaint with the maritime authority (the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal) for not being able to see the name of the vessel.

In the comment box of the publication made by the entrepreneur, on his Facebook profile, in public, there are those who reveal that this practice has happened on other days, in the same area.

Pedro Mendes Gomes argues that it is “in the interest of all of us” to denounce situations that constitute an environmental attack, as is the case, when the blue economy is so defended.