This is very sad news and I know many of you have been to the Texiera museum on my tours in Faial, which is a tribute to his son Renny also in the photo who was murdered at the age of 25.

The Portuguese-Venezuelan community, in Caracas and also in Madeira, is experiencing moments of great consternation due to the death of Andrea Daniela, daughter of businessman Anacleto Teixeira.

Andrea Daniela, 32, has been ill for some time, having undergone a delicate surgical procedure at the end of last week. Always accompanied by her father, Andrea’s clinical situation ended up having the worst outcome, generating a wave of consternation and pain around a family that has suffered a lot in the past. 

The messages of condolences and comfort to the businessman Anacleto Teixeira, mentor of the Teixeira and Caires Museum (Fajã da Murta, Faial) and connected to several commercial establishments, have been crossing the Atlantic. The businessman has investments in Latin America, but has taken up residence in Madeira, where he is currently driving the construction of a new hotel on the block between Rua dos Murças and Rua da Alfândega, (Close to Cafe Apolo) where a unit with the Barceló seal will be born.

To Anacleto Teixeira and his family, we all offer our heartfelt condolences.

From Jornal Madeira