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About 500 people decided to take the first dive of the year 2020 at the Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex in Funchal.

Half a thousand people have chosen the beach as a destination for this January 1, 2020, on an inviting day to go bathing, with the glorious weather that is felt throughout the island of Madeira.

As is tradition, this initiative of the Frente Mar Funchal has a solidary cause. The entry cost 3 € per person, and the revenue, which should be around 1,500 euros, reverts to the association  Acreditar and will be delivered by the Frente Mar Funchal soon.

The symbolic value entitled everyone to a soup and a Santa Claus cap. 

“To all those who accompanied us in this New Year’s initiation ritual, with a sympathetic gesture, a great well-being. Congratulations also to all our collaborators who on this day gave their best for the accomplishment of this successful initiative and the our Nature Meetings partner, “wrote the organization, in a shared post on its Facebook page.

Thanks to Anne Brown who sent me these videos. The videos play the ciffect way on my phone, but not sure if they will on a desktop computer or laptop.