Warming up and Dust from Sahara

The weather will start to warm up as we head towards the weekend, with the possibility of temperatures in the high 20s Saturday Sunday, it’s doesn’t look like it will get as hot as first expected at the beginning of the week, but all this can still change.

With this heat comes a mass plume of Sahara dust so air quality might be pretty poor.

Spain and Portugal on alert, but this should not effect Madeira.

🚩 A particularly nasty heatwave incoming, even worse than the previous heatwave of mid-June.
Many heat records are under threat.
Temperatures are forecast to be higher in the coming days, but the most extreme values of this heatwave ​​are expected the next week.
Temperatures across parts of Spain and Portugal could exceed 46-47°C in the southern regions.
Even higher daytime peak temperatures are locally possible, reaching also 48-49°C between Monday and Tuesday. ( note that parts of Portugal and Spain are in the worse drought see for decades)

🔥 Extreme heat will intensify in Spain and Portugal around mid-next week and will spread into France and central Europe.
Some of the heat will also reach Germany, Italy and the Balkans by the end of next week.
The most intense heat is, however, expected for southern Spain, but the strengthening upper High over France will rise temperatures into the low 40s there as well.
With the upper wave sitting over northwestern Iberia, the very warm airmass will easily advect towards France and central Europe, introducing high temperatures at all levels across the atmosphere.

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