Polish Couple Violate Quarantine Twice

A Polish couple have twice violated the duty of confinement at the hotel where they are staying in Funchal, while waiting for the results of thecCovid-19 test.

The tourists arrived in Madeira on October 31, were tested on arrival at the airport and informed by the health authorities that they should wait at the hotel where they would stay, at the Hotel Meliã Mare, in Funchal, until they received the notification with the results of the tests. Since then, it has been similar to the game of cat and mouse with the corruption of health authorities and the PSP.

The first results arrived at the scheduled time of 12 hours after disembarkation. He tested negative and she was inconclusive. For this reason, tourists were informed that they should wait at the hotel until new tests were repeated.

However, the couple did not comply with the duty of confinement and, the next day, abandoned the hotel unit going to an unknown part of the island to the authorities, and they did not want to hear the warning from the hotel receptionist who immediately alerted the PSP.

The PSP had been trying to locate the whereabouts of the two foreign nationals who did not respond to telephone calls.

The couple returned to the hotel at the end of the day and, the next morning, they were again tested with swabs to detect the disease, being notified that they could not leave the hotel before the result was known.

But the Polish couple wearing backpacks were determined to carry out their program of trips around the island, failing the duty of confinement.

It is known that the two situations gave rise to the opening of records for violation of the duty of confinement that were forwarded to the health authorities in Madeira.

It will be interesting to see what is done with this couple, I think they should have been put in the covid hotel the first time of breaking Quarantine, till the test results were known. 

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