26 recovered patients and 160 under study

The report on the epidemiological situation of the covid-19 pandemic in Madeira says that there are now 26 more recovered cases to report. The region now accounts for 977 recovered cases. RAM counts, to date, a total of 11 deaths associated with covid.

Regarding the active surveillance of positive case contacts, 2027 people are being accompanied by the health authorities of the various municipalities of Madeira and Porto Santo.

In total, there are 160 new situations that are currently being studied by the health authorities, all related to contacts with positive cases, situations reported to the SRS24 line or by SESARAM, EPERAM. Epidemiological investigations are ongoing, as the Regional Health Directorate has just informed.

Regarding the PCR tests for covid-19 testing carried out in RAM, the Regional Health Directorate notes that, in the context of the operation of testing travellers at the ports and airports of Madeira and Porto Santo, there is a cumulative total of 1350812 covid-19 test carried out until 5 pm today.

From Jornal Madeira

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