Nearly 7000 lightning strikes light the sky

The greatest radius occurred over Caniço and had the power of 197 Kilovotls. 

It is the consequence of the Clement depression. In addition to the rain and the intense wind, the Madeirans spent a startled night due to heavy thunderstorms.

According to the information provided by the delegation in Madeira of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere, thanks to the use of the thunderstorm detector network installed in Madeira, the improvement and resizing of the thunderstorm detector network in mainland Portugal and the exchange data in real time with the AEMET network (Peninsular and Canary Spain), it has been possible to track the electromagnetic activity of the atmosphere, in the Atlantic region that extends from the Canaries to Madeira and mainland Portugal.

The electromagnetic activity (assessed by the number of strikes) registered 6859 strikes, of which, 1520 positive, 3172 negative and 2167 intra-clouds or between clouds.

It should be noted that the rays, as a rule, are associated with clouds of great vertical development (cumulonimbus), which give rise to periods of rain or downpours that are sometimes strong and also precipitation in the form of hail, as has been recorded in this situation.

Under the influence of this depression, the rainfall recorded was 113.6 mm in Areeiro, followed by Santana, (55.9 mm), Funchal (52.4 mm), Porto Santo (24.7 mm) and Porto Moniz (53.3 mm)

The largest gusts were recorded in Santa Cruz (122 km / h), Ponta do Pargo (107 km / h) and Lombo da Tuesday / Santa de Porto Moniz (104 km / h).

The forecasts for the next few days indicate showers, which can sometimes be strong, and conditions favorable to the occurrence of thunderstorms.