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Behold, the most fascinating day of any year has arrived, even in the most atypical ones, as 2020 will have been for everyone. On a Christmas that is certainly different from all the others, in which not all parents, grandparents, uncles or cousins ​​will be able to gather for the eagerly unwrapping of gifts, there are several suggestions to complement the indispensable tasting of traditional liqueurs, bread, or veal sandwiches d’alhos, and even alternatives to be in contact with those who are far away at a time when the distance always costs a little more.

Fulfilling the tradition or looking for new alternatives for a different Christmas, on a date when the routine can even be agitated and stressful, JM gathered some tips to enjoy the magic of the court in all its splendor, inside or outside the home.

Out of home…

Go to the cinema

If one of your Christmas traditions is a trip to the cinema, know that the NOS Cinemas at Fórum Madeira will be open during the day. Among the suggestions on display in the rooms of that shopping center to see as a family is ‘The Secret World of Dragons’, in which the protagonist is a young silver dragon who is tired of living in hiding and wants to show the older generation that he is a true dragon , at a time when humans are threatening to destroy the last refuge of their kind. ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ (over 12 years old) and ‘The True Mothers’ are other works on display at Cinemas NOS.

It should be noted that Cineplace do Madeira Shopping will not hold sessions during this Christmas day, and the shopping center will be completely closed.


Enjoying a Christmas walk

In the various counties of Madeira, several original nativity scenes with different dimensions and shapes are assembled, this year favoring their installation outdoors to ensure compliance with all safety standards.

As JM reported last Saturday, the municipalities of Madeira wanted to preserve traditions and, with the help of volunteers, favored the construction of nativity scenes abroad. Avoiding gatherings, take the road to know the tradition of Madeiran ‘lapinha’ in its purest form in the 11 counties of the Region.

On a stroll along Avenida Arriaga, it is possible to delight in the decorations arranged in what is the heart of the Madeiran capital. Even though the ‘stalls’ at Placa Central are now closed to the public, the magic of Christmas remains, as always, in downtown Funchal.


Explore flavors of the court

There are several establishments operating on this Christmas day so that it is possible to give the kitchen a rest and enjoy it in a relaxed way. JM has gathered some suggestions so that you can taste the pleasures of this festive season in the best way.

Skyfood Galaxy – Savoy Palace (dinner only)

Alameda – Savoy Palace (lunch only)

Terreiro (dinner)

Alembic and Engenho – Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa

The Classic – Hotel Duas Torres (dinner only)


The Pillar of Meals

Old House of Palheiro

Il Basilico


O Lagar (lunch only)

O Verdinho / O Vermelhinho

Tourigalo – S. Martinho (take-away only), Garajau and Machico

Quinta do Furão


… Or in the comfort of home


Watch the new shows or the usual movies

Christmas in time of pandemic is inviting to enjoy, together with your family, a marathon of films or series on the sofa. Like all Christmases, there are premieres and the indispensable films of all times, without forgetting the famous international circuses, the Christmas of Hospitals or the Christmas specials of the programs that accompany it daily.

If you don’t want to be dependent on generalist channel schedules, there is always the option to explore movies, series or documentaries available on the streaming platforms Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + and more.

On the night of this Christmas day, starting at 11 pm, Bruno Nogueira offers from his Instagram account “the gift possible” with the return of ‘How does the animal move?’ for a Christmas special of this phenomenon that filled many nights during the time of confinement.


Bringing those who are far away

For the sake and safety of those you care about most, the gatherings of large families that many Madeirans have become accustomed to have should be left for another time. There is no doubt that it is particularly difficult to be away from ‘ours’ during the festive season, technologies have made it possible to create the illusion that we have with us those who are most dear to us, through a multiplicity of platforms.

In addition to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime (iOS devices only), applications that require no introduction, it is possible to ‘meet’ your family members in the virtual world through several other applications with video conferencing functionality. , which you can download for free through the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) app stores.

This is the case of Zoom, where, in its free version, up to 100 people can be on the same video call for 40 minutes. Teams, Discord, Google Hangouts and Houseparty are other alternatives to shorten distances of those you care about most.


Educational games and activities

A Christmas at home can be seen as an opportunity to remember the gatherings of yesteryear. Why not remember the mimicry, the dominoes, the stop game, the huge games with the playing cards? If the exchange of gifts is the moment longed for on any Christmas, the interaction between the family can be prolonged with the gambling of other times, or even by a trip between photo albums to recall memorable memories and experiences.


Try making typical dishes …

If you have never ventured into typical Christmas delicacies or are fed up with dishes that do not change from year to year, why not try new recipes and explore different flavors for this season? If the kitchen is not your forte, there are several websites with dozens of simple and more complex recipe ideas: Sabor Intenso ( ), Petiscos ( ), or the recipes of renowned Portuguese chefs with programs on channel 24 Kitchen ( ).


… Or have it come from outside

There are several options for ‘take-away’ in restaurants that are open today, or the option of home delivery for those who do not want to get their hands dirty.

The Bring Eat! it will be out of service today, but you can always try your luck through the Glovo and Uber Eats apps, keeping in mind that availability will always depend on the restaurants that are open this Friday. To do so, simply download the respective applications to your mobile device, choose the restaurant and meal you want, pay and, in a short time, receive the order at your door.

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