Mild night above 19ºC in the North and South

After several cold days in a row and lower temperatures than usual, the Archipelago of Madeira is now recovering to mild values ​​and more in line with the Madeiran winter. This night was quite pleasant on almost the entire island, with values ​​on the coast above 16 degrees Celsius, including on the North coast.

Yesterday at 9 pm the Porto Moniz station registered 19.1ºC, the same temperature as the Lido at that time. Bica da Cana, in the area of ​​Paul da Serra, one of the coldest areas of the island, was at 10.5ºC, Pico do Areeiro with 8.7.

However during the night the values ​​dropped slightly and today at 6 am the coast was between 18.3ºC in Santa Cruz and 13.6ºC in Santana. Inland, the day also started with values ​​above 10ºC, except in Bica da Cana and Pico do Areeiro, with 8.7ºC and 8ºC, respectively. Today Funchal should reach 20ºC maximum and 16ºC minimum.

From Diário Notícias