Airlines Cancel More Flights

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So it looks like lockdown will continue further into March and April.

Many of you have let me know you have had your March flights cancelled with EasyJet and BA.

Jet2 have also just posted a travel update, suspending all flights up to the 14th April.

It also seems likely mainland Portugal will continue full lockdown till the end of April.

We are still pretty lucky here on Madeira, with places still open. A number of hotels are tourism businesses are going to or have closed again, as there is hardly any tourism now, and our evening curfews continue till the 21st February.

Will they continue after that, I really don’t know, it depends on the covid numbers, but we expect them to decrease this month. But I would think it wise to increase the curfew for at last another two weeks into the second week of march to see how things are, and with no tourism here I think it would be stupid to lift the curfew on the 21st February.

Is anyone have flights with easyjet and BA cancelled in April.???


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