As of tomorrow, April 19, the phase of responding to the 2021 Census begins.

In a note sent to the press this morning, the vice-presidency of the Regional Government recalls that the answer should be given, preferably, over the Internet, through access to https://censos2021.ine.pt/ .

He explains that “the letters with the access codes and all the necessary information for the answer, were delivered in the mailboxes of each accommodation, by the 230 enumerators who are working in the Region, in charge of the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM), between the 5th and the 18th of April “and that” filling in online is easy, safe and fast: just access the website, enter the code and password indicated in the letter and answer the questions. After filling out the form, just select the ‘Deliver’ option to have the system return a proof of answer that must be kept “.

“Although Internet responses are the preferred way, with the e-Censos application accessible by computer, tablet and mobile phone, people who have no way of accessing the Internet or cannot be contacted in person can use the support number 210542021 to respond The citizen can also go to the E-censuses counter at the Parish Council in the area of ​​residence or request paper questionnaires, to be filled out and later delivered to the area’s enumerator. Another alternative is to wait for another enumerator’s visit and accept that do the interview. In any case, you must always have the letter with the codes. INE and DREM request a response until May 3, the date from which the enumerators will intensify contacts with those who did not respond “, can be read in the note sent.

Risk of a fine for those who do not collaborate

As with all statistical operations under the responsibility of INE or DREM, the answer is confidential and mandatory.

Although the statistical authorities always choose to make the population aware of the importance of the Censuses and the maximum collaboration of the population, the law of the National Statistical System establishes the possibility of imposing fines for those who do not respond to the Censuses who, in the case of natural persons, varies between 250 and 25,000 euros and, in the case of legal persons, between 500 euros and 50,000 euros.

Almost complete card distribution

According to the vice-presidency, in the Region, “the coverage of the distribution of letters with access codes in the Region was almost total, DREM warns, however, that there may be punctual delays, and citizens should wait until the end of this week, April 23, by delivery to the post box, if this does not happen, you should contact the respective parish councils, however, in some areas with an older population, the option was deliberately not to deliver the code and do the census all at once, through face-to-face interviews “.

Operation is admittedly of great importance

The vice-presidency also recalls that “the population and housing censuses are carried out every ten years, and the information that results from them is essential for planning and political decision-making. The collaboration of the population will guarantee the definition of important financial envelopes for the Region, funds used to invest and support families and companies “.

From Jornal Madeira