Palheiro Golf Course to be extended

Antena 1 found that it is not a landfill. A source from the Funchal City Council confirmed that the municipality has licensed an urban land redevelopment operation to the Sociedade Turística do Palheiro Golfe.

The license will allow the transformation of the landscape, creating the space for the Palheiro Golf Course to grow. A training area, and “driving range” will be built.

The project at Palheiro Golf will absorb part of the surface land of the excavation at where the new hospital is to be built. 

Antena 1 has learned from another source linked to the process that the rest will be deposited in licensed landfills. And there is also a part of the excavation materials that will be used by the contractor.

This solution had a positive opinion from the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Ara Oliveira explains that the law requires that the soils be reused.

The excavation and containment work on the new hospital begins on Monday.

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