Vaccination against covid-19 in Madeira reaches new daily maximum

By the end of this Thursday morning, 112,536 doses of the covid-19 vaccine had been administered. Of these, 82,576 correspond to the first dose and 29,962 to the second.

Yesterday a new daily maximum of vaccine doses against covid-19 administered in Madeira was reached. 3,432 people were vaccinated, spread over five counties.

More than half of these vaccines – 1,716 doses – were administered at the Funchal Vaccination Center, in Madeira Tecnopolo.

In a note sent to the newsrooms, the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection (SRS) states that in Porto Moniz 204 vaccines were administered, in São Vicente another 222, in Santa Cruz 900 and in Calheta 390.

For today, May 13, vaccination against covid-19 takes place at the Vaccination Center of Funchal, in Santana and Santa Cruz.

In the case of the municipality of Santana, “in addition to the vaccination of residents based on the age criterion, some bedridden patients residing in the municipality are being vaccinated”, says SRS.

In Funchal, the vaccination of professionals in the tourism sector and people with risk diseases is continued.

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