Plane from Germany diverted to Porto Santo

The atmospheric conditions in the area of ​​Madeira’s International Airport,  made a departure from Berlin, Germany, and eventually diverted to Porto Santo Airport this afternoon.

The aircraft of the easyJet company, an Airbus A320, after a first unsuccessful attempt to approach the runway, waited an hour off the north coast of Madeira, to try to land in Santa Cruz again. Probably because of the poor visibility caused by the precipitation that began to fall this afternoon. On the second attempt the aircraft completed the round in front of Porto Novo but ended up not even ‘aligning’ with the runway, and diverted to Porto Santo.

The aircraft that had departed at 12:00 (Madeira time) from Berlin, under normal conditions, should have landed in Madeira around 16:00. It finally landed (17:05) in Porto Santo.

From Diário Notícias

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