After 7 years Calheta gets the blue flag

The blue flag is hoisted on Calheta beach.

At the ceremony, Carlos Teles asked the government to sink a boat off the coast to further promote the practice of diving.

The regional secretariat for the Environment and natural resources, Susana Prada, praised the work developed by the Regional Government on this issue of water quality, recalling that Madeira went from 11 blue flags, in 2015, to 24, in 2021.

In addition to the blue flag, the municipality of Calheta promoted some improvements to the beach, including a new brand image.

One of the highlights is an innovative system that measures the temperatures of ultraviolet rays, atmosphere and water, unique in the country. The information will be available on the Câmara website every day for outsiders to consult.

From now on there are also showers on the sand, and new ashtrays. An access platform was also built between the two sides of the beach, to facilitate access to the sea.

The Chamber maintains daily disinfection work on all sunbeds, using special hot water equipment at 90 degrees, as well as monitoring and keeping away birds that are harmful to the ecosystem.

From Jornal Madeira

I would be interested to know if the water is better, as it has always been disgusting in the summer, and with not much movement on the two sides, I can’t see how they can change that.