PCR testing Porto Santo

Thanks to Malk for sending me this message below and the problems he had. Anyone else having problems with this, I know this will change soon from July 1st, and you will only need an Antigen test.

Hello Toby, I have some information that your other readers may find useful to avoid the situation I find myself in.

The madeirasafe.com website claims that one must order the PCR test required to travel to Porto Santo, at least 96 hours in advance.

I tried to order mine on Saturday June 12th in the evening, for a June 17th 8am departure on the Lobo Marinho. The website refused to confirm my request, with the explanation that one must book at least 96 hours in advance. Sadly, it appears I am better at math than the madeirasafe.com web site is, but it won’t do me any good since I can’t win an argument with a web form.

This could cause serious disruptions to people’s travel plans, so please let people know they should book even earlier.

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