Mandatory curfew changes to 1 am in Madeira

The curfew stipulated by the Regional Government of Madeira changes to 1 am from this Tuesday, June 15th. Circulation on public roads will thus be prohibited until 5:00 in the morning.

The announcement was made a moment ago by Miguel Albuquerque, who highlighted the civic spirit “exemplary in compliance with the preventive norms in force” on the part of Madeirans, who listed a series of positive behaviors adopted by the population.

The use of masks, massive testing, monitoring and follow-up by health authorities to cases that arise, control at entrances and the accelerated process of vaccination “has made it possible to substantially reduce the number of infected people and hospitalizations”.

There is still “greater containment in the transmission chains” and therefore there is “a safety margin to alleviate the rules in force”, but according to the Madeiran chief executive we must “continue to maintain a responsible behavior to safeguard health public”. Albuquerque also stressed that “inspection will not decrease”.

From Diário Notícias