Deputy Paulo Neves confronted, today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the lists of countries that demand quarantine for tourists returning from Madeira, considering it unfair that the Region “has not immediately received exceptional treatment in relation to the position of the United Kingdom and more recently in relation to Germany”.

“These decisions, by the European governments, have a huge economic impact and it is necessary to take into account the exceptional work that, in the Region, was developed both in combating and in containing the pandemic”, said, this morning, the deputy, in his intervention in the Assembly of the Republic, recalling that “Madeira was classified as the safest island in Europe to spend holidays and Porto Santo the second”.

“It is unfair not to consider this fact when drawing up the lists”, he stressed, stressing that foreign policy is the responsibility of the government of the Republic and that the government of the Republic should also defend the particular interests of Madeira. “Fortunately, the UK backed off on Madeira. But Germany has not yet and, therefore, it is essential that there are fair and logical criteria in the preparation of lists by European countries”, he stressed.

It should be remembered that the Madeiran deputy recently signed a document that obliged the minister to go to Parliament, this Wednesday, to clarify the deputies’ doubts.

From Jornal Madeira

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