The president of the Regional Government considers that the transmission chains of the virus in Madeira are under control and that the “increase in the number of cases was expected to happen with the opening of the airport, especially for the English market, which is very important for our economy and with the return of students”.

It emphasizes, however, the good work that Health has done. “The testing and monitoring capacity we have been doing has been very effective, especially from the airport” and proof of this, he stresses, is the fact that the Region has “only nine inpatients” and only “one person in intensive care”, finding 49 people are being isolated in hotels, seven of them in Porto Santo.

He is waiting to see how the issuing markets respond to this current situation in Madeira, but he is confident. “Let’s see, we have done what is possible, in the German market we are starting to recover, we are going to have a very good summer with the continental market. Now it’s all about not letting things slip”

From Jornal Madeira