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Miguel Albuquerque considers that, regardless of the existence of “occasional situations of younger people who, want to socialize and have a few drinks, as is natural”, the Madeiran night scene is “generically” controlled.

The president of the Regional Government even commends the businessmen and the police for the work they have done. “The police have acted and I think it is good that they act to prevent the spread of the pandemic and situations of dysfunctionality in terms of containment measures. At this moment it is essential that we have a safe summer”.

He believes that “nothing has failed, the police have been active and the businessmen have scrupulously adhered to closing hours. We have had some occasional situations, especially near Fontes and in the Old Town, and I understand that new people want to contact and have fun, they’re tired of it. But we have to be aware that one of the main focuses of infection is mainly affecting the younger people”.

He warns, therefore, to “avoid the concentration of people”, showing that it is aware that the entrepreneurs themselves close the establishments when the crowding is above the indicated and that the problem is linked to the fact that young people then focus on areas with “drinks that they are often bringing from home.”

From Jornal Madeira

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