Patrícia Dantas questions minister about travel for residents of Madeira

“On January 1, 2023, will Madeirans have trips at 86 euros?”, asked the PSD deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.


The deputy Patrícia Dantas questioned, today, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, during the hearing in the Assembly of the Republic, whether or not there are guarantees that, on January 1, 2023 – as made public and provided for in Decree of Law of March of this year, where a transitional regime was proposed and a return to the 2015 legislation – Madeirans will now have a “more agile model of subsidization and with a discount at the time of purchase”.

The parliamentarian objectively confronted Pedro Nuno Santos with all the documentation that is currently required from residents in the Region to be entitled to reimbursement of the Social Mobility Subsidy on trips between the Region and the Portuguese mainland –

At stake “is a long and not always easy bureaucratic process that Madeirans have to do whenever they travel and to recover what is rightfully theirs”, she maintained.

As an example, he recalled that a Madeiran family, with a couple and two children, who travels to Lisbon “has to pay, at the outset and in normal season, 1,485 euros, which represents well over half of the couple’s monthly net income”. , which follows, on the way back and at the end of the trip, great inconveniences in accessing the reimbursement at CTT”.

There are 21 documents that are needed, considering the example given, “to which are added the originals of the identification documents but also the time required to travel to the station”, he added.

Patrícia Dantas, who, after this explanation, recalled that this reality remains “contrary to what was promised and enacted in Law in 2019, where it was expected that State support would be deducted right from the acquisition of the ticket and that citizens would pay only their part: in this case, 344 euros and not around 1,500 euros”.

“It is essential to understand whether or not your Government guarantees that on January 1, 2023, the Madeirans will even have an agile subsidy model and with the discount of the subsidy amount at the time of purchase that allows them to pay only 86 euros” , she reinforced, addressing the Minister, recalling that “the solution to be adopted is possible and must take into account other interests such as those of airlines, travel agencies and payment entities”.

From Diário Notícias

Will it ever happen? , the people on this island get ripped off left right and center, with a corrupt government that are good friends with all the island mafia… Nothing will change but we can only live in hope that something will.

They make things so complicated that I guess many don’t even bother trying to get the refund.