Marian helps Funchal Animal Shelter.

My name is Marian, 29 and am working on Madeira until end of September 2021. While living in an apartment close to Madeiras biggest town, Funchal, I
heard intense dog barking everyday. I talked to my neighbors and learned, that there’s a dog shelter near by. I decided to go visit the animals and that’s where the story started…

Most of the shelter’s animals were stray dogs and cats with some of them being abandoned by their original owners. I quickly realized, that the situation for all of
them and for the supporting stuff is very hard. They urgently try to get help wether financially or physically and find new homes. The costs for feeding, electricity,
personnel, insurance, castration and vaccination need to be covered, even though there is an animal clinic close by. I see the staff being very committed to their
work and yet they cannot change much about the sad situation of the animals  being alone.
Soon, I applied as a volunteer to help out and walk the

Continue reading the story on Marian’s Go Fund Me page below, to help the animals in the shelter, and he plans to take the befriended dog back home with him.


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