The main train station on Rua do Pombal.

Thank you to Peter Harris for sending me this information.

Most writers seem to concentrate on the Largo da Fonte station at Monte and the boiler explosion
and seem to be unaware of the main station at the bottom of the track. In many ways it seems unfair
that this part of the railway has gone unnoticed since it was the hub of the entire system. At least
three other sites relevant to the railway have plaques giving information, but not the Rua do Pombal
Situated on the corner of Rua do Pombal and Rua do Comboio the station is a relatively short walk
of just over half a mile from the statue of Zarco in the city. This was the starting point for a journey
to Terreiro da Luta 850 metres above sea level.

This station should be one of the next to be turned into a museum, I pass this a lot, and I believe inside it has a lot of the original equipment including the ticket machines.

You can read more information about it, and more photos on the link below.

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