British Airways Staying at Heathrow???

There have been a fair few comments on my blog and social media, that British Airways have started letting it’s customers know that their flight has been cancelled from Gatwick, and moved to Heathrow.

For some of you, this is just happening now with not a lot of notice, as I believe BA had planned to restart flights from Gatwick very soon.

But thanks to some readers, they have been informed that their flights as far ahead as March 2022 are being changed to Heathrow still.

BA stopped flying from Gatwick when the pandemic started, and shifted to Heathrow, as Gatwick completely closed its South Terminal to cut down on running cost, and it seems the closure has been pushed back even more.

Some flights were transferred to Gatwick North, but the BA flights to Madeira transferred to Heathrow, and it looks like it could stay that way for a lot longer yet.

Have you had the notice about your flights being changed to Heathrow, and anyone have flights booked past March 2022 that have had the notice.

Photos of an empty Gatwick South from Sussex Live